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booju_mooju's Journal

Booju Mooju
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unbiased, uncensored rants and debates
The topic here has been expanded to include ALL DEBATE SUBJECTS.

Booju Mooju
an amusing community for rants and debates


Do you have strong opinions on health, religion, vaccinations, sexuality, relationships, circumcisions, animal rights, education, politics, or other issues?
Tired of weeding through hundreds of single topic one-sided super serious debate communities?
Hate being forced to play nice in debate comms and keep the snarky comments in snark comms?

Then welcome to booju_mooju, your all-in-one LJ stop for anyone with nothing better to do at the moment.

We welcome members from all walks of life and prefer fun intelligent people who can express their opinions openly without feeling the need to censor themselves or walk on eggshells. If you don't understand sarcasm, or if you're easily offended by profanity and harmless jokes and statements, than this is not the place for you. Feel free to post about anything or link to any public information on the internets, provided it's intended to spark a debate and provided you follow the same guidelines as LJ's TOS.

This community is for rants/discussions/debates.

If you're looking for parenting advice, we suggest parenting101


If it's against TOS, contact LJ abuse.
If it's against the community rules, contact me
Otherwise, deal with it.


Have a sense of humor
No locked posts
No spam or advertising
No fake journals or trolls
Don't disable, freeze, or delete comments or posts

The History of Booju Mooju

Booj was created in 2004 after noticing an amusing trend in the breastfeeding communities. Formula feeders started attempting to "infiltrate" the breastfeeding comms in order to steal locked posts, and breast feeders would do the same to the formula feeding communities which started popping up. The original purpose of this comm was to keep drama out of those other communities, and the original subject here was solely breastfeeding vs formula feeding (hence the name Boob Juice vs Moo Juice). But the community quickly became so popular that the topic was expanded to include all parenting subjects and eventually expanded to all debate subjects.

Years later, a particularly heated debated sparked major drama. Apparently reporting TOS violations to LJ abuse so the offenders could be fully suspended was too difficult a concept for some of our members to grasp, so instead the mods of booj earned an unfounded rep of being smelly racist pirate hookers. Booj has always only been lightly moderated (who wants biased mods on power trips in a light-hearted silly community?) and we've ALWAYS followed the same guidelines as LJ's TOS. Regardless, the drama surrounding that storm dragged on for months even after the offenders were banned and/or suspended by LJ abuse. During that time, unbeknownst to the mods here, some members created a more politically correct highly moderated carbon copy of this comm with an official zero tolerance policy for anything they deemed inappropriate. Since then, many other communities ending in "ju" have popped up.

Eventually all the original mods here left LJ, and over the next couple of years with no one to keep things going, most of the members here joined other comms and usually post there instead. Only time will tell if this community will ever become active again, but the early years of booj will forever live on in the mental lolbanks of everyone.