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21 September 2010 @ 08:28 pm
Inspired by the first weeks of school plague... and the letter S  
Okay, so we all know that teachers tend to be held to a higher standard across the board. We’re known for going into work while on death’s door. This leads me to my question. How sick is too sick?

I know there is a decent amount of teachers on here, so I wanted to know how both sides weighed in.

Teachers: What is your personal limit of working through the sickness? What's the sickest you've gone to work?

Parents: When do you think the teacher should just stay home? Do you hold teachers to a higher standard when it comes to this?

I don't think we've touched on this in here lately.
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Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainenmissingkeys on September 22nd, 2010 10:41 am (UTC)
Relief teachers need work too! I'm not a teacher, but yes. I think they should get the same leave entitlements as the rest of us and stay home if contagious.

Of course, I end up taking unpaid leave and staying home with the kids, which teachers probably shouldn't do so much because it would probably interfere with things if they were off as frequently as I was, say, during last year's conjunctivitis then chicken pox then weird-but-probably-contagious rash time that saw me rather a stranger from my workplace for the better part of six weeks and mightily pissed off my employer, but yes. I'm fine with teachers taking normal amounts of time off. My daughter loves the school's relief teacher too. :)