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21 September 2010 @ 08:28 pm
Inspired by the first weeks of school plague... and the letter S  
Okay, so we all know that teachers tend to be held to a higher standard across the board. We’re known for going into work while on death’s door. This leads me to my question. How sick is too sick?

I know there is a decent amount of teachers on here, so I wanted to know how both sides weighed in.

Teachers: What is your personal limit of working through the sickness? What's the sickest you've gone to work?

Parents: When do you think the teacher should just stay home? Do you hold teachers to a higher standard when it comes to this?

I don't think we've touched on this in here lately.
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Corbyforbiddenpluto on September 22nd, 2010 12:35 am (UTC)
As a teacher, I tend to push myself WAY to far. Heck, I’ve passed out on the playground. I’ve also gone into work with pneumonia, bronchitis, massive sinus infections. However, you can’t catch those things, so I think it’s okay. My personal line is a significant fever (2 degrees from your baseline. ie if you’re normally 98.6, at 100.6 you need to rethink your presence.) or throwing up.

As a parent, I think that my personal guidelines are good. However, when a teacher is coughing like a maniac, the kids are going to get sick (or anyone near by). I'm torn. No matter what, I don't think anyone should be at work if they're throwing up from a sickness (other than morning). It's uber messy and tends to be amazingly contagious.